Appriciating life

This blog post is going to be about a an experiences I had about a week ago. Small things that makes me smile. I was deeply into a debate with me good friend, Rasmus, about the Danish society. About the changes that are ongoing at the moment. We both remember for some years back when we where proud of being Danish. Especially when meeting people while traveling. The fact is that I am not proud now. I can not identity me self with a country that keeps such a narrow mind to the rest of the world. The development of the Danish folk party and the growing support is in my eyes frightening. The latest episode in the Brorson church where police forces brutally kicks out XXX Iraq XXX. Is yet an other black spot on the paper. It is yet an episode where I am embarrassed of being Danish!! So our debate was heavy! it means something to us!! While walking and turning the subject upside down and seeing it from different angels I get my eyes on three young tourists in the middle of Copenhagen. They are looking at a map, and talking English/American with a New York accent. After we went past them I stopped and I told my friend – This is a chance to give some foreigners a good impression of Denmark!! So I walked up to them and asked if they needed any help? I happen to know Copenhagen quite well. They needed food, some vegetarian options, local area, typical culture etc. I guess they where 22 – 26 years old. They had been in Copenhagen for 4 hours, and they where thrilled with the guidance and the helping hand. We left them, and the episode had lasted for approx 4 minutes. It took us 4 minutes to leave the impression that “Danes” are helpful. Our debate continued. 2 hours later we where on our way home. Getting close to the café where we directed the New Yorkers, we thought it could be interesting to hear their thoughts on the subject. By coincident they came walking, just in that very moment where we wanted to find them. We stopped our bikes and asked if they liked the food. They absolutely loved it! (said with a great New york accent) We started to chit chat back and forth about the place, the culture, every thing – big and small. regular small talk. After a little while we came into the subject of their stay here in Denmark. One of them says: We are dancers, and we gonna do a performance here in Tivoli. It turned out that they are part of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company! – now, I don´t know anything about dancing, but it happens to be my girlfriends living, and she has been talking so much about that specific company. I told them so, and also greeted them for being dancers in one of the worlds best dance companies. One question let to an other and 5 minutes later I had two free tickets for the show… The best possible surprise for my girlfriend. This was a short story from my life and an encouragement to all danes about starting to “re-brand” Denmark to a more friendly place! All change comes from within… I think someone told me that once… As an end to this I want to show you some photos of the Hip Hop group SNAVS from Århus. They are shooting a promotion Video down by the harbor in Århus.

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