An open head at Nørrebro

I haven´t been able to keep up with my own blog, since I have been working with my company Kadaver and the organization Masanga. There are many blog posts taking place in my head, and soon I will have them online too. An interesting one that I have thought about the last couple of days is the creation of the new Metro at Assistens kirkegården at Nørrebro´s runddel. There are a lot of citizens in Copenhagen who are extremely angry about the fact that the Metro Company are violating the peace of the graveyard. And apparently the Metro company haven´t been 100% clear and honest about their intentions AND the politicians have been sleeping when approving the plans…bummer!

I am still trying to figure out what I think about the situation. I live next to it and I see it every day… Personally I am looking forward to have a Metro station nearby, be course the public transport in the area is pretty heavy at the moment. On the other side I don´t find it appropriate to vandalize the graveyard as they do. When it all comes down I value the Metro system higher having this spesific location, than if they should re-allocate the traffic at Runddelen. That would create a damn mess for a long time. I do find it disrespectful for the people who have relatives at the graveyard! When things like this happens I always get impressed abaut the Danes eager to express how bad the situation is. Facebook groups, demonstrations and signature collections are quickly mobilizes. And I always wonder if it helps? As for now I can´t think of a situation where it did, and I am sure there are situations where it helped – and if you know of it, please fill me in. Just looking at the past couple of years at Nørrebro and some causes the public have been against; Danish troops are still in war…(which is sad)  Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69 got trashed down any way… (which is a tragedy!!) And now the churchyard? Again and again there are policiance to blame and to point at. On my way to the office this morning I ran into Anne Vang, politician from Social demokratiet. She is an old friend and the female leading candidate representing the social democrates. It made me reflect even more when I further down the street came by this statement on the wall of Assistens Kirkegården – Skønne Danmark (lovely Denmark) – A statement that I entrepritate as full of ironi for the current situation.

Skønne Danmark

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  1. Kære Søren!
    Pudsigt egentlig. Jeg sad netop også den anden dag og blev lidt vemodig over Assistentens nye ansigt. Det kom der følgende lille tekst ud af:

    Du er ikke kommet af jord
    og du skal ikke tro
    du kan få lov til at blive
    i den

    Kh Louise

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