The 365 project – one photo a day, week 1 and 2

The Smoke in the distance

This year I´m trying to follow through with the challenge of making “one photo every day”. I’ve tried it before and never been able to follow through the whole year. This year I’ve changed camera system and the Fuji X-T2 is just way more easy to carry around on an everyday basis. For the first two weeks of the year, I’ve been able to get these shots.

I share them on Flickr every day, if you want the daily inspiration – just follow this link. 

Day 1 – just after midnight 🙂 Bang  !

Bang 1/365 -17


Day 2 – On my way home from work. Catching the sunset in Copenhagen.

The Smoke in the distance


Day 3 – snapping the photo on Nørrebrogade, just before arriving home. It’s a tough routine to get into remembering the find a great motive during the day. AND have time to shoot it.

3/365 Rainy start of the year


Day 4 – Taking a small round trip after work, to catch the daily photo. This time of the Circle Bridge in Copenhagen.

4/365 Christianshavn Circle bridge


Day 5 – I got a new lense for the Fuji X-T2, on the way home I tested it out in the cold. Here shooting up against the light and trying to catch the trees and the building in the background. I like how there is life behind some of the windows but not all. I got the Fuji 18mm f2 – a great little one to play around with.

5/ 365 Copenhagen night time


Day 6 – From a party at a friends place I found myself next to a tattoo and a cigarette.

6/365 smoking tattoo


Day 7 – We went fishing… in the freezing cold weather… and with hangovers… yiaks.
7/365 - cold fishing


Day 8 – Technically it’s day 8… as we’ve past midnight…

8/365 Bodega time


Day 9 – The streets of Copenhagen and my local area. Kebab shop with the local people passing on bikes.

9/365 bike life in urban Nørrebro


Day 10 – Dinner time… didn’t get a picture earlier today. So here is the dinner for tonight…

10/365 dinner time 😁


Day 11 – Getting ready to make dinner using fresh garlic 😉

11/365 fresh beginning


Day 12 – After a long day at work and late meetings, we went out for a beer.

12/365 - beers and talks


Day 13 – Christianshavn Canals. My office, Kadaver, is placed just on the right side here. A wonderful area.

13/365 - Tripitaka


Day 14 – I went on a walk in Copenhagen Vesterbro, arranged by “the Voice of the Street” in danish “Gadens Stemmer.” In short it’s a story telling set up, where a former drug addict tells his life story about the drug scene in Copenhagen. He took us through his life journey deep into the drug scene and all the way out again. Near death experience multiple times till now – clean and helping others. Very touching and very dramatic.

14/365 Voices of the street "gadens stemmer"


Day 15 – is one of the many beautiful views to be find in Copenhagen.

15/365 the smoke and a skiing slope

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