No title… just thoughts

When the days disappears by:
Waking up -and feeling as I never really went to bed…
Walking towards the Subway -and thinking “am I all ready here again?”
Working – and not really understanding the calendar…

have I been doing this much in so short time? and, am I really in the middle of November?

Walking around and experiencing New York City – and thinking back to the time where this experience was a dream…

Realizing that my head is close to overloaded…

…and then go to sleep…

0 thoughts on “No title… just thoughts”

  1. simpelthen fordi jeg er for lat til å lese hele bloggen når det er så lenge siden sist jeg har vært innom.. så aner jeg ikke hvorfor du er i new york bortsett fra at det er internship, men merker at jeg er drit nyskjerrig og fantastisc sjalu!!
    håper alt er godt med deg mister!
    kjør hardt!

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